Sunday, September 18, 2005


The weekend is finally coming to a close. It was a good one I would say. I went up to SM Thursday at midnight just so I could get a little bit more time in with T. We basically just went to bed, but I got to snuggle with him all night long and spend all day Friday with him. We played tennis and he took me out to dinner and bought me roses for no reason. It was really sweet. Man, I totally love him. I have the best times with him and can be my COMPLETE self. Something anybody rarely gets to see. I miss him already!

We skipped out on the game on Saturdya. Got to lazy and Nip/Tuck came in the mail watched that instead. Ended up going to a party that night. I really wasn't in the mood for getting drunk but the punch was just so good. It tasted like watermelon, so I kept drinking and drinking and well,got pretty drunk but not to the beligerant stage. This guy kept hitting on me. I was proud of myself for being so straight forward with him. Usually I feel really weird about it. We were dancing and he came up behind me and started dancing so I eased away.. later he talked to me becasue we were trying ot get my friend to take off her skirt (it was a lingerie party) and he thought I said mine and asked if he could watch. So I told him I have more self respect than that.. and S whisked me away to go dance again thankfully. Later I ran into him again. Ended up going out to smoke a cig with him (why do I do this when I'm drunk?? its a disgusting habit) anyway so we were out there and he was just like "wow you are beautiful" and you know I won't lie. I do like to hear that sort of thing.. it makes me happy, it would make any girl happy. But I was like "look, nothing can happen between us, I have a bf. I don't mind talking to people, making new friends but it can't go beyond that. I totatlly understand if you want to go back in there and meet another available girl." I have never beenso blunt! I normally might have been like "thanks.." and then try to be standoffish the rest of the night. I like the new blunt mehod. Let him know whats up- he can decide what to do from there. And he was respectful.. good old East Texas kids I guess. But he did say "how are you so beautiful?" a couple of times. Could have been the booze talking.. ha. But it's sweet to hear sometims. Oh God. I sound pathetic.

Drama in the apartment again. As always. SOMETHING has to be going on. I'm very dramaless. I realize this. Which is bad because it leaves gaps in conversations. My life is pretty stable. A's is not. She was having issues with G AGAIN. He always gets drunk and dumb. WHich makes A mad... and yadda yadda yadda. She has the most drama of us all. I don't think she would know what to do with herself if there wasnt some sort of drama in her life. Honestly I think she creates it at times. But I love her. I Just don't see how someone could have so many things going on in their lives. Makes me feel boring.

As for emotionally I am doing ok. Having problems driving. I couldn't drive on the highway coming home from T's.. I am worried about driving to ACL fest this weekend. Other than that I'm ok. But I have been really really tired lately.


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