Thursday, July 07, 2005


Very sleepy today. This getting up early thing is really beginning to wear on me. I can't wait till Sunday when I can sleep to my hearts content!

Today in speech we gave our introductory speech. I came to the conclusion that almost everyone in there that is male is married. But they were so sweet when talking about their wives. One of them brought a picture of his smiling wife and two little boys and said how they were his life. The other talked about how what was unique about him was his wife's love for him. It was so sweet. I want it like that when I am married. It made my heart smile.

Today with T was alright. I think I am just getting bored with not doing anything.. I know the money issue is a big reason. But it just gets annoying sitting at home all the time in front of the television set when you could be out doing something.. ANYTHING. Sometimes, although this sounds bad I see couples when I go out with my friends and I wish that could be me and T. Like the other day when we went to get drinks on the 4th. This couple was just sitting there sipping their margaritas and talking. Me and T never just do that. Or like go on a picnic.. go to the park.. go to the pool, barton springs. Theres tons of things I would like to do but T doesnt like to do any of it. Go to a coffee shop sit drink coffee and talk. He doesn't like that. I wish he did. Sometimes I wish he liked to go out more. But I love him.. so I can deal with that fact. I just wish we did more things besides sit around in his hot apartment and watch reruns.

I'm also fed up with my A. She is changing. She's coming over tomorrow. I don't even know if I really want her to come. Just typing that I feel bad. I'm sorry.

Feeling slightly lonely still. I don't know what it is exactly. I just came back from spending an entire day with T. I'm tired. Bed time.


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