Wednesday, July 06, 2005

One of those days.

This is just one of those days. Girl day. I feel fat. Bah. I'm bloated and stuff so that is probably why. I do need to go back to the gym again though. I hate feeling like such a damn girl. I KNOW I'm not fat I just feel unattractive and gross and bahhhhh...

Ugh. Selfishness annoys me. Sometimes I feel certain people only care about themselves. It's like they can talk and talk and talk about all the things going on in their life but they don't want to hear about yours. I feel like my best friend and I are on the rocks. I just don't feel like we are connected like we used to be. I can blame it on two things. 1. I don't live near her this summer therefore we spend less time together and 2. she has changed. This is probably the most important one. She just seems so wrapped up in everything else she is doing she has no time for me. I feel like I bore her or something. Like I'm old news. It hurts my feelings in a way. I just feel more alone I suppose.

Boo. I'm not unhappy though, just a little saddened. I've been happy lately. Happiness is a state.. you can be sad in the moment yet still happen overall.

Sad in the moment at the moment..


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