Sunday, July 10, 2005

Alcohol brings out the worst in people. It makes you do things you normally would never dream of doing. Thank God, I'm not talking about myself this time. It was A. She went downtown last night (after telling me and M she couldn't go out with us because she had to study..but that is a different story) and got completely trashed and somehow ended up alone wandering the streets. She called M (for some reason) and some random guy got the phone and told him he needed to come pick her up and told him where she was. So he leaves his party to go and get her as fast as he can. He cant find her. Luckily she got picked up by her other friend and nothing bad happened. Except she threw a glass and told M how much she hated him even though she called him to begin with and he was a good friend for going to hunt her down when he really did not have to.

I still don't know the details. She said she doesn't want to talk about it. But I was worried last night when she told M she had got into someone's car (we didn't know she knew the person at this point) and rambled on about how she was gonna get raped and die.

Not a good night.

So this just reaffirms how I need to stick with my current dedication not to drink too many drinks at one time. I don't want to get bilgerant drunk like that. It's just not fun for anyone involved. Glad she is safe though, I really was worried and kept calling until M finally picked up the phone and told me she was home.

I have been working on my applications. I'm beginning to worry I wont get accepted. I really do not know exactly what they are looking for. I do have the 4.0.. that is definetly going to help me out. I will have a very good recommendation from J. I am less than impressed with my Resume. I wish I had done more things looking back.. and my personal statement.. I tried to write one but I am unimpressed. It's too boring. I need to GRAB their attention and make them WANT ME. Worried. Gotta give it a go though.


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