Monday, July 11, 2005


Today turned out to be quite a good day despite my strong desire to not get out of bed and just sleep through the entire day. Class went relatively painlessly. I am enjoying speech. (I never thought I would hear myself utter those words) Granted, I am still scared shitless of getting up and talking in front of everyone, but I really like my professor. He makes it interesting and has a great sense of humor. Today he went around the class and asked what we wanted to get out of it. Pretty much everyone confided how they get nervous and want to learn how to control it. So no surprise there. I'm not alone.

I got so much stuff acomplished today as well. I feel like I am finally on track to doing this PT thing! I have all my rec letters taken care of! That is a huge wieght off my shoulders. All I need to do now is my resume and personal letter both of which I have started. Thursday I'll complete the resume.. and soon after the personal letter. A week from Friday is GRE day. Then it's all downhill from there. Filling out the application, sending transcripts... wa la! I'm so happy everything is going so well. I only hope it continues and I'll get that acceptance letter I dream of!

Very tired. I don't think I'll ever not be tired the whole rest of my life! Thank God for coffee.


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