Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I am so unbelievably tired today. My body is just utterly exhausted. I pushed myself too hard at the gym and I can barely extendmy arms all the way (just today I could make a larger than 120 degree angle). I have a hard time walking too. My calves are sore. I just really wanted to push myself. I think I ended up doing too much weight on the bicep curls though. My joint is hurting not really my bicep. So then I have only been making matters worse for myself. I mowed the lawn yesterday and that was hard to do while sore like I was. Then today belly dancing. I'm killing myself here.

I think I am a fan of the belly dancing. It was more fun today, more dance less talk. I'm glad A talked me into it.

I have my first interpersonal communication test this week. I am worried it is going to be tough. I don't want to study, I guess I will tomorrow then go take the damn thing and get it over with. I feel like I have to do good in that class just so I can measure up to my sister. So damn competitive.

So tired. Eyes won't stay open. Need to get up early...


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