Monday, June 06, 2005


Therapy. I like her. I am actually comfortable with her, well, as comfortable as I can be disclosing all my innermost thoughts and feelings. Maybe I am just more used to the whole concept, in any case I'm optimistic. Anything is worth a shot.

Why is it no matter how much I do I feel guilty if I stop and relax? Today I went to therapy, went to the gym, wrote a research English paper, clenaed my room and did some GRE prep and now it's 7 something and I have quit for the night yet I feel guilty. I should be able to relax and take the night off. And yet, my mind won't let me. Should I feel guilty? Should I fill all my spare time with GRE prep? I also have a test I need to study for but I haven't yet. No. I did EVERYTHING on my checklist. That is rare. Relax. Enjoy.

1. Wake up around 9
2. Mow the law till 10:30
3. GRE Prep
4. Meeting till 2:30
5. Study till 5
6. Class till 9
7. Study a little more


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