Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Beginning to wonder why it is that I am always, always tired. For the love of God.. I slept a good nine and half hours today and STILL my eyelids droop wanting sleep. I just feel like regardless of what I do I'll always wake up tired. Makes me think that maybe I could possibly have a medical condition. I do have slightly lower iron than I should. Doctor said I should take supplements but I stopped because they were expensive. Maybe I should start again? It could be nothing. I have been known to be slightly the hypochondriac. But in any case, I DO know that I am always tired. I almost feel like I am in a state of mental cloudiness as well. Sometimes it's hard to tell how you are supposed to feel. I mean, I don't know what normal people feel like. Maybe this is just how it is?

I can't wait until the end of English. I have written about two essays a week for the past five weeks and it is wearing on me. All my creative juices have been drained and I feel I did less than par on my test yesterday but oh well what can you do? You can't be expected to come up with new and novel ideas ALL THE FREAKING TIME. It needs to be over and done with.

I guess I need some more social contact as well. I have secculed myself under GRE vocabulary words, interpersonal communication, and writting a million essays a week. I just don't get out. Those are no excuses. I could find time. Tonight I guess will be good for me.


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