Sunday, May 15, 2005

It's my birthday!

So I'd have to say that today I had a great day. Started off a little rough. I couldn't sleep last night because I am a hypochondriac. I was walking to the library last night and this rusty chunk of metal peirced through my sandal and into my heel and made me bleed. So of course I freak out that I could have tetanus. Look it up on and realize that it has a 40% fatality rate and freak out even more. So, I don't know my tetanus immunization status. Have to wait till the next day to find it out. So of course I can't sleep. I am a master at getting myself worked up over things. Woke up about a millions times during the night hyperventilating. So it turns out I havent had a shot in 9 years. So I now have to go get a booster within 48 hours just in case. Went today and there was a huge line to see the doc so now I have to go tomorrow at 8:25 before my test.

After that things looked up. T came and picked me up then we met a bunch of people at Trudy's for lunch. I drank an entire Mexican Martini and since I haven't been eating much lately it went straight to my head and I was still tipsy at 3:30 that afternoon when I got to the library, sat down to do some renal physiology problems and realized I had no clue what was going on and that I was very light headed. So I went home. Went back later for another 5.5 hours. Then gave up. I'm afraid my head is going to explode. But anyway, this was a good bday, I didn't even mind studying all that much afterwards. And my brother actually remembered it this year.. I bet my mom told him. Oh well. I got a lot of happy birthdays which make me happy.

I'm going to try to get a job at this tuxdeo rental place. Not my first choice, but they need people and my friend works there and I need the money. So I can go out drinking all the time. No I'm just kidding. ALthough I'm not saying that is never going to happen..heh. I like to make money so I don't feel guilty when I buy something. I always feel guilty. After every single purchase. Hell I feel guilty buying gas or food.

Man, I really do feel old. What a difference from one day to the next. Never thought it was possible to feel a change like that in less than 24 hours. I think everything is just hitting me. I'm growing up. I'm a friggin grown up. I'm applying to grad school, I'm doing something with my life, I'm moving into a whole new phase. Things aren't going to be the same anymore. Normally this would freak me out, but somehow I feel this inner peace about it all. LIke I'm ready. Maybe I was getting bored in that old chapter. I like to think about all the opportunities I have waiting for me.


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