Saturday, May 28, 2005

Family time

I really dislike going to church. I sit there and think of all these other things and don't pay attention. I really don't get any sort of benefit out of it. I only go to appease my parents. Honestly though, I find it a waste of time and I don't want to go until I have kids.. just so I can give them the option.

What is it about watching babies that is so fascinating? You sit them in the middle of the room and everyone is entertained for hours watching them. It's just great to see them discover new things.. laugh. There is nothing better then making a baby laugh. S is the cutest baby ever. Maybe it is because he is my nephew that I think that, but I think you would also agree. He looks exactly like my brother.

Having family here today has been great. I haven't been bored or wanted to retreat to my room once today. I've learned to put a lot of things into perspective this past year.

One day I don't do schoolwork and it bugs me. Why can't I take a break? I am thinking of all these things I need to do. Oh and it bugs me my sister did better than me on one of the quizes.. by one question. Seriously, it does not matter. I'm so damn competitive. It's terrible. I really am feeling bad for not touching my essay. *sigh* Fuck it.


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